​ERP General Terms:

SAP program is the German system originated in 1972, and is one of the most powerful and famous programs under the "ERP Systems" was developed until it became a comprehensive program for all departments in the company even was a small company, medium or large. It is currently one of the largest companies that provide practical and commercial solutions

SAP software, is an abbreviation for "System, Application & Products", which is a complete system provides the enterprise or company complate and developed solutions as needs, so it can link all department in one platform that will replace all paper works and traditional systems by using technology which will save efforts and time like signeture or agreement​.

Company Activity: the company activity is engaged in version management software will help enterprises to upgrade their work and connect them with a single system to ensure their coherence and efficiency performance without the need to use several software systems from different companies, which will inevitably lead to a difference of the input and output data type so they need to integration between those applications to ensure simulated with each other. SAP helps companies to do this, and created a single whole system to integrated all applications for all companies in different fields like banks, hospitals, whether they are profitable or not.​

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and this term means the planning process of the different resources. ERP is the one informatics projects that have been designed so that all the information and resources and all the activities that are required so that the process is made and fully and completely. ERP system is support all the basic operations of the organization and are an essential part of the nature of their work and the work of any other organization. The most prominent ​of these operations by the ERP system is supporting the supply and manufacturing tasks and executive business management as well as human resources and financial matters, public relations or relations with customers. Where it is integrate all these data in the base of one of the databases.

T​he most terms associated with ERP Systems are:

Customer Relationship Management - CRM
It helps companies to manage customer information, which ensures easy handling with them and follow their orders, ensuring workflow as required.​

Product Lifecycle Management - PLM
It helps product manufacturers to manage everything related to the product. And controlling the amount of production to avoid negatively effect on the quantity of materials produced or demand or prices.

Supply Chain Management - SCM
It helps companies in the resource operations and the development of industries and services, and ensure the availability of products and materials required.

Human capital Management - HCM
it helps in the employees management and salaries, time and organization structure and performance evaluation and management of business trips.

Material Management - MM
It helps companies in managing operations of the materials used in production processes, to ensuring the availability of these materials in the appropriate times so that production does not stop, or there is a surplus.
Product Planning - PP.
it helps company in products and manufacturing operations management, planning of production processes based on the markets requirement.
Sales and distribution - SD
It helps companies to manage sales and marketing, to ensure the distribution and marketing of products until to deliver to the consumer.

Project System - PS
It assists companies in the management and development of projects, and helps in determine the costs of the project in determine duration and control of avoiding any problem during the implementation of the project.

Quality Management -QM
Helps companies to manage and monitor quality of the products or services offered through them, so that they excellence and avoid any damage produced either through workmanship defects, or production processes.

Finance - FI
It helps companies in manage the daily internal and external financial transactions. And control the budget for each specified period of time.

Controlling - CO
It helps companies in planning processes and financial assemblies, to avoide any excess or deficiency​, so that will effect negatively​ on the market requirments even to helpthem assess their financial performance and Are the financial targets desired to reach her or not.

​Warehouse Management - WM
It helps companies in warehouse operations and inventory management. So there is not any excess or deficiency and may therefore affects negatively to meet the desires and demands of the market.

Customer Services -CS
It helps companies manage customer service operations, and raise the level of service provided to them in the interest of everyone.

Plant Maintenance - PM​
It assists companies in the management of maintenance operations, either for equipment or constituent of the centers, in which the production or manufacturing or distribution or any other activity continued property.​