Brief about the Project:

Wi-sys for Al Watania for Industries (WFI) has embarked on business transformation journey by initiating an implementation of latest state-of –the –art ERP platform S/4 HANA version 1511 on -premise. This is the first & prestigious green field ERP implementation project on S/4 HANA within Kingdom. The ITQAN 1C will use Germany best practices to drive standardization of business processes across WFI businesses. ITQAN 1C will help WFI improve competitiveness, bring in faster time to market; enable business with mobile applications, and quick decision making. 

The WFI senior management has provided the strategic vision for ITQAN 1C Project :

''Working towards an implementation of an integrated S/4 HANA business suite version 1511, Germany best practices which is robust, reliable, user friendly, mobile enabled, interactive and informative system with business analytics capabilities. This will enable WFI to improve our business effectiveness, and delight our customers by achieving desired efficiencies.''

The WFI CEO, Mr. Ibrahim Behairi has endorsed ITQAN 1C project vision to stay ahead and gain competitive advantage in the market.

''As you are aware, this project will help us immensely in improving our business effectiveness and efficiency. I take this opportunity to re-assure you of our firmly established commitment to delight our customers.''

The Senior Vice President and ITQAN 1C Project Sponsor Mr. Saeed Al-Qahtani also emphasized on successful completion of the project within timelines and budget:

''Insha'Allah, we will achieve the goal of making ITQAN SAP 1C project successful within the stipulated timelines and with the best quality.''

SAP S/4 HANA will help WFI to operate efficiently with SAP Best Practices (Complete and real time integrated business processes) and introduction of workflows, reduce amount of manual work and decrease risk due to data integrity issues, and Improve workforce productivity and efficiency with automated Process.

WI-sys has planned parallel track of change management to make a smooth adoption of New ERP platform across WFI.  ​​

Project organization chart

 ITQAN IC SAP S/4 HANA implementation organization structure, governance is established to synergistically work as a team. Broadly, the organization structure is classified into three distinct layer:

- Strategic layer: Project Sponsorship & Strategic Governance. Steering Committee members and PMO are part of this layer.

- Tactical Layer: This is Program and Project management layer along with core execution team members being part of this layer. The core execution team comprises Subject Matter Experts representing each function along with Business Analysts.

- Operational Layer: This is the layer which will be using the systems designed by core team. This team will provide information from business. Power users and End Users are part of the operational layer.

All the above three layers of organization structure are depicted below. 





Project scope:

ITQAN 1C will touch upon key functions of WFI. The key locations include Riyadh, Jeddah and Dubai. The scope of work involves supply, implementation and support of the SAP S/4 HANA 1511 Germany best practices Solution for standardization of processes, records, terminology, information exchange mechanisms and improvement of processes at Al Watania for Industries.

The SAP modules (MM, QM, PM, FICO, PP, and SD) are included in the scope of this project. This will be utilized to meet the business objectives of WFI.

ITQAN is willing to standardize and apply SAP best practice processes as much as possible, unless there are incompatibilities because of nature of business.

The scope includes Preparation of Blueprint, Standard Configuration, testing, cutover, master data preparation, Legacy data migration and go-live activities.

Each phase of the project will have various change management interventions planned to keep stakeholder engaged in the project activities.

Target audiences:

All the direct and indirect stakeholders of the ITQAN 1C project will be part of this business transformation journey. The ITQAN 1C key stakeholders are Steering committee members which comprises AWAQF CEO , WFI CEO, ITQAN 1C Project Sponsor, WFI CFO , Vice President for Strategic Planning & Business Development, Heads of WFI Strategic Business, Wi-sys GM, Wi-sys PMO, WFI Project Manager, Tech Mahindra PMO, Tech Mahindra Country Head, and Tech Mahindra Accounts Manager.

The core team includes Subject Matter experts, Business Analysts and Tech Mahindra Consultants. The operational team is working in each WFI business and comprise of Power Users for each module and end users within each SBUs. Functional Heads of each business are part of end users and key stakeholders to drive adoption of new ERP platform. ​ ITQAN 1C web portal will be used by all WFI internal stakeholders.

Project Plan ( Timeline of the project ):

 For the Project implementation roadmap and deliverables, Project Team will follow the Standard SAP ACTIVATE methodology. We will follow SAP baseline best practices and Solution Manager 7.2.

The following is a brief outline of the phases of the Accelerated SAP Roadmap:


High Level Project 1C – Implementation plan.

The implementation includes common blueprint approach for all businesses while the execution will be done in wave manner. ITQAN 1C project implementation is planned in different waves with Head Office and Watania Plastics going live in first wave.​

Second wave of implementation will include NFFP + BRICKS followed by CMC+ Waper and then CAPEX Dubai. This way the implementation risks will be minimized, and mitigated. The high level implementation plan is depicted below:


The interface implementation in scope is specific to some waves of the project implementation and planned accordingly which includes KIWI Plan, Bar coding, & Color coding with SAP. ​

The various levels of trainings will be planned as per the implementation waves for respective business units. The trainings will be conducted in ITQAN 1C project room as well as in each SBUs depending upon the type of trainings planned.

Wi-sys partner in the project : 

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multi-national company (MNC), which provides IT services and solutions, across the business areas from corporate to functional, which includes key areas such as Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing and After sales.

Lesson learned :

Following are the key lessons learned:

- Selection of strong core team –SMEs & BAs

- Ensure adequate Project Stakeholder Engagement

- Ensure availability of Power users and End users for project activities

- Conduct all Training & Change management activities

- Quality Master data preparation

- Timely Business Process validation & Sign-off

- Proper documentation & Knowledge Transfer to Business​

Project output

The first and foremost expected outcome is to deliver the project on time and within budget with smooth adoption of SAP S/4 HANA ERP platform by each business user.

ITQAN 1C project objective is to successfully implement the SAP S/4 HANA Business Suite to transform WFI business by achieving the following:

1. Standardize the business processes across WFI businesses using new ERP platform

2. Drive efficiencies by reducing redundancies in the data, single source of truth, simplified workflows, reduce errors and improve productivities

3. Drive business effectiveness by implementing & adopting Fiori based mobile applications usage along with S/4 HANA analytics to make quick & well informed business decisions which will lower the cost of operations

4. Improve WFI business revenues and margins by leveraging latest state of the art SAP ERP platform

Following process improvements are planned with various scenarios inbuilt as part of project output for each WFI SBU:

1. Procure–to-Pay

2. Order–to-Cash

3. Plan-to-Product

4. Maintenance Management

5. Work Order to Closure

6. Quality Management

7. Financials & Accounting