The launch of self-service - on the draft 1B

4/3/2016 12:00 AM


The administration of ITQAN Program announced about the end of 1B project user tests and workshops for the adoption of the final designs for the self-service system and a review of its integration with other systems.

These tests included, create, revise and transfer of data on the organizational structure and data assets vacations staff. And he confirmed that as of Sunday 03 -04-2016 will be working systems began own system: SAP human resources (self-service for employees and managers) according to the following:

Mobile services FIORI
- Record attendance
- Adoption of attendance
- Adoption leave
- Team calendar
- Review of personnel data
- Profile personly

Employee Self-Services on the computer device ESS
- Profile personly
- Find staff
- Recording working time
- Apply for leave
- Correction times of entry and exit
- State salary

Self-service for managers on the computer device MSS

- Explorer Team
- Adoption of worktime
 - Adoption leave
- Correction and the adoption of attendance
- Made on behalf of managers​​