Al Rajhi Investments SAP Success factor Launch Ceremony

3/26/2017 4:00 PM


On Monday 6 March - 7 Jumada II corresponding to 6th March 2017, With the praise of the god, we've celebrated the Go-Live of the success factor project in 6th March 2017 with the presence of the CEO of Suliman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi investments Company, Mr. \Khaled Saud Abuhaimed \where he opened the ceremony with words of gratitude for all who are part of the project and he toss the word of graduated specially to the project team for the effort they spent to reach that success. He has stressed the importance of this project to the company and stressed.‚Äč

The speech moved to the Director of Information Technology Engineer\Mohamed Ayadhi \who thanked the team from Wi-Sys and their role on the project along with the vendor NTTDATA  who implemented the project, he thanked the team from Suliman Bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi where he stressed that the team sprit he touched in the project was the main reason of this success.

The speech moved then to Wi-Sys  PMO Director Eng. \Majed al Khayyat \who presented the business drivers of the success factor project and how it will positively impact the performance of the employee. He also presented the mission and the vision of the Wi-Sys on the aspect of all Al Rajhi Companies.

Then the project manager Mr.\ Zoaib Husein \who went through the achievements along with each phase of the project to show the size of the effort done by the team. The ceremony included an excellency of certificate distributed as an appreciation from Management to the project team as they are the main success factor to the project.