Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Al-Waqfiah Foundation FIORI Workshop

7/13/2017 1:00 PM


Based on the importance of training in the enterprise resource management projects, which is the most important axes of work development and providing employees with necessary skills to improve their work performance and improve their companies level through high quality training

A training workshop was held on FIORI  for Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Al-Waqfiah Foundation on Thursday July 13, 2017

This workshop aims to provide participants skills related to work and obtaining information that helps them improve their performance and achieve the company's goals.

During this workshop, all components of the system and the mechanism of dealing with each of the daily business tasks were presented through a high level professional training.

 Which gave an excellent impression to the participants, and the workshop was evaluated with a grade (very good) as shown above.

At the end of this workshop , it was emphasized that the training will not stop when this course is over but we should focus on continuing the learning process outside the training room and repeating what has been practiced.